Early Childhood Reading Support, PreK-3

Early World of Learning is a new database from World Book Online. Log in with the online database username/password assigned to your school. Students can also use Early World at home. If you advertise to parents, be sure to protect the username/password—don’t post on the Internet, or include in a school newsletter (print or electronic) that might be circulated to the community at large. The basic content (and, many stories are in Spanish):
favorite children’s stories read aloud
download the audio story
interactive games and activities
fun facts
numbers, size, sequencing, shapes, time, opposites

Teachers and parents will find value in finding just the right story or activity for those special events: riding a bus, reading a map, going to the doctor, seasons, feelings, sharing, loosing a tooth, bike safety, show and tell, birthdays, pets, family, moving, etc.

Educator features:
the read-aloud book has a Lexile scale
download a little foldable book
links to standards
Spanish language text and reading

Click here for a teacher and parent handout.