iCivics: Interactive Civic Education, 6-12

This interactive site is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who is concerned that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation, and that civics teachers need better materials and support. Each iCivics game is playable in one class period, and has a detailed printable report at the end for grading purposes. iCivics games are best played with students on individual computers, but they can also be played on a single computer with the help of a smart board or projector. iCivics games don't require prior knowledge. They teach students everything they need to know to play.

iCivics webquests are quick and interactive. They are an engaging way to learn about specific civics topics. They include reading and questions with links to specific web resources that help students see how the topic relates to the real world. Webquests can be used by the whole class with a projector or a smart board or on individual computers.

iCivics lessons are practical and engaging. Individual activities are easy to manage, self-contained, and there is always something the teacher can collect from students at the end of the period. Lesson materials are visually appealing and written in a conversational tone to foster students’ interest. They teach the material in the context of problems and issues that are relevant to students.