Financial History of the World DVDs, 9-12

The Ascent of Money series looks at financial schemes, structures, and institutions through the centuries—with equal attention given to booms and busts. It explains the development of specific markets, the innovation of monetary systems, and the ascension of corporate finance. Viewers will learn how seemingly abstract financial forces nurtured early civilizations, laid the foundations of the Italian Renaissance, sustained the Dutch and British empires, and propelled the rise of the American economy—as well as its new age of instability. Each DVD is about 50 minutes. You can preview the series at The DVDs are available for checkout from Heartland.
Blowing bubbles : the emergence of stock trading (810016)
Chimerica : an economic love story gone sour (810017)
Dreams of avarice : credit and interest through the ages (810028)
Human bondage : the evolution of bond trading (810027)
Risky business : insuring against the future (810018)
Safe as houses : real estate values and mortgage trading (810019)