My Brand New Life DVDs, 3-9

This series was aired on IPTV. It features contemporary kids from around the world who swap places to experience another culture and lifestyle. The titles are available as DVD for checkout or for duplication. To learn how to request a DVD to be duplicated, go to, click Educators, scroll down and click Print & Production. You can reserve videos for checkout online at, click Advanced Search under the Medianet column.

A Border Story #072605
A Feast for One’s Eyes #072606
A Feast for One’s Eyes: Muslim Culture/Native American #073607
Ballet Dancer/Hockey Player and a Border Story #073606
He Said, She Said #072607
Inuit Games #072608
Music for Whose Ears #072609
Music for Whose Ears: Acadian Culture/Indian Culture #073608
Only Child, Big Family #072610
Scary Tales: Halloween/Day of the Dead #072611
School’s Out #072612
Wheelchair Challenge #073609