Google Squared, K-12
Google Squared is a search tool that helps you quickly build a collection of facts from the Web for any topic. It’s a new way to organize information so it’s more structured and useful. Here’s how the Google help page describes it, “… say you're curious about which roller coasters are the fastest, tallest, and longest in the world. Until now, you would have had to comb through dozens of webpages to compile the information. With Google Squared, all you have to do is type "roller coasters" into the search box…and click Square it to see an automatically generated table of roller coasters and their attributes.”

Facts about your topic are organized into a table of items and attributes (called Squares).
Customize the Squares to see just the items and attributes you’re interested in.
See the Web sites that served as sources for the information in your Square.
Save and share Squares with others.