Discovery Education's Closed Captioned Videos
The number of available resources with closed captions and audio description to ensure greater access to digital content for all students has increased. This is important as it is a tool to differentiate instruction for every learner. Discovery Education's streaming video collection currently offers more than 1,700 full length programs and 13,000 core concept video clips with closed captioning.

Many videos will also be audio described (AD) to allow visually impaired students to access the program’s content through a voice-over that describes key visual elements. This description is mixed into the original program audio. AD also can benefit students that learn best aurally or through multi-sensory input. The teacher or student may choose to turn the AD on or off. Audio description is a newly added feature to Discovery Education streaming content. “Visually impaired students often find themselves in a classroom where the teacher is showing a video to complement the lesson and are left with no access to the messages that are provided on the screen,” said Jill Soule, high school teacher in San Diego, Calif. The few times my students have experienced video description, they have been ecstatic. The insight these descriptions afforded them was unlike anything they had experienced before.”