Blogs for Librarians and Technology

This article lists dozens of blogs to subscribe to or add to your social bookmarking site.

Wired Librarian
An elementary teacher librarian shares thoughts on library conventions, blogging, information literacy, and more.

Free Range Librarian
Blogs about writing, tech toys, and more.

Information Wants to Be Free
Meredith Farkas is the distance learning librarian.

Librarians Matter
How new technology systems can be used in libraries.

This young librarian likes stirring up new ideas and controversial new technology systems and trends for libraries.

Resources and discussions on technology trends and developments.

ALA TechSource Blog
How to bring your library into the 21st century.

The Library and Information Technology Association blog.

Emerging web technologies and systems.

Theoretical Librarian
New technology and how it may be used in libraries.

Tech tips for librarians.
Privacy, surveillance, new media, ethics and technology.

Peter Scott’s Library Blog
Google books, e-learning, web archiving, and more.

The Handheld Librarian
Librarians submit articles about computers and technology.

Blog Without a Library
Learn about library and tech news and trends from Blog without a library.

The Ubiquitous Librarian
Media, design, and the future of libraries.

Hey Jude
Learning in an online world.

Social Networking Librarian
Using social networking in the library.

Tame the Web
2.0, librarians and leadership.

Library Clips
Wikis, blogging, and social media.

The Uncommon Commons
Library and IT-related commentary.

Disruptive Library Technology Jester
Straddling the line between traditional librarianship and technology.

What I Learned Today
Web 2.0 and programming tips.

Media and Communication
Networking and social media in an education and library context.

Public Knowledge
Future of digital media and communications.

Covers publishing, media and e-books.

Professional Blogs
Librarian’s Rant
Keep up with the changing library landscape.

The LibVocate
Promotes librarianship and information literacy.

ALA Weblog Service
News in politics, libraries, and education.

AL Inside Scoop
Blog from the American Libraries.

The Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian!
This librarian is anything but the stuffy old stereotype.

Lauren’s Library Blog
Future of libraries.

Accidentally Curious
Modernizing the library for a new generation of readers and researchers.

Attempting Elegance
Sharing what it’s like to work as a librarian.

025.431 The Dewey Blog
Brush up on your Dewey Decimal classification knowledge here.

Head Tale
Library science and the "spirit of librarianship."