Free Civic Literacy Online Classroom Tools, 6-12

This article includes online resources to help support civic literacy within the Iowa Core Curriculum.

History and Civil Rights
Civics Online

Democracy for Kids

Democracy Project

Online Civics Text

US History Lesson Plans Library

Bill of Rights Institute

C-SPAN Classroom

Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement



Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Madison's Treasures

The National Archives

Our Documents

Picturing America

Voices for Votes

We the People

Youth Justice Bulletin

American Social History Project

American Memory Collections

Black History: Exploring African-American Issues

Discovery of America

History Matters

The Power of Words Curriculum

Teaching with Historic Places

Time Lines: Connecting Your Life to History

Immigrant Experience

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Ancestors in the Americas

Media Literacy
Center for Media Literacy

CNN San Francisco Interactive Learning Resources

The Democracy Project

Evaluating Websites


International Newspapers

Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship: Using Technology Appropriately

Be a Safe Surfer

Cable in the Classroom Digital Ethics

Center for Media Literacy




Media Awareness Network on Chat Rooms