Atomic Learning, K-12
Atomic Learning includes professional development resources and curriculum materials that encourage educators to bring 21st century skills into the classroom. Modules include 21st Century Skills Collection, Technology Skills Collection, and Assistive Technology Collection. Use the online database username/password assigned to your school.

21st Century Skills Collection:
* Teacher Assessment to gauge technology skill levels and provide prescriptive training paths
* 21st century skills concept training
* Professional development projects
* Lesson Accelerator Tech Integration Projects for seamless classroom integration
* Workshops that cover Web 2.0, Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom, and much more
* Tech Skills Student Assessment to measure students ability to apply technology skills, an important part of being 21st century-ready.
* Full access to all tutorials and training included in the Technology Skills Collection
* Concrete examples of how 21st century skills might be taught in the classroom, within the context of a specific subject and commonly taught topic.
* Easily adapted and extended skills to more fully support the teaching and learning of other 21st century concepts and skills, beyond those related to technology.
* Projects that correlate to several NETS-T standards if adapted and implemented as suggested.

Technology Skills Collection:
* Just-in-time training on more than 110 of the most common software applications
* Technology “how-to” Self Assessment to review your individual skill level
* Video Storytelling Guide to planning and creating quality movies
* Includes training on Office 2007 and 2008, Adobe CS3 & CS4 applications, Blackboard and Moodle, iLife applications, Inspiration, Google Docs, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, and many more.

Assistive Technology Collection:
* Special education software
* Assistive technology devices
* Software accessibility training tutorials
* Examples of tutorials: Boardmaker 6, JAWS 9, Overboard, WordQ, SpeakQ, Co:Writer, Inspiration, Kidspiration, as well as accessibility features in Leopard, Windows XP and Vista.