Learning Quests, 4-9

Quest Atlantis (QA) is an international learning and teaching project that uses a 3-dimensional gaming multi-user environment. A storyline is presented through an introductory video, novel, and comic book. QA includes both curricular and optional projects that can be completed both online and offline as students work alone or together to accomplish tasks within the international community.

Sample Unit:
“The Taiga Fishkill unit is an interactive narrative set within an aquatic habitat (the Taiga Park) with a serious ecological problem. Students navigate through the virtual park and interact with other players and non-player characters that communicate their perspective on the problem. After students learn about potential causes of the fish demise in Taiga Park, they are asked to make a recommendation about how to resolve the issue. In making this decision, students have to consider their conceptual tools (i.e. understanding eutrophication, erosion, and over fishing) in order to make a recommendation about what to do (i.e. stop the indigenous people from farming, tell the loggers they can no longer cut trees in the park, or shut down the game fishing company). After making a recommendation, students travel 20 years forward in game time and see the results of their recommendations (experiential consequentiality).