This Is Emily Yeung, PreK-12

This DVD series features Emily, a dynamic six-year-old host, who leads children and adults through a new era of discovery utilizing her unique perspective. Each episode introduces a new experience. A special guest accompanies Emily and facilitates learning in a risk-free, exciting environment. The interactive Web site supports the programs. This series may be used with younger students to prompt discussion or with older students studying child development. Available for loan. 30 min.

Episode 1: Getting Creative, Part 1 (#808723)
Episode 2: Getting Creative, Part 2 (#808724)
Episode 3: All Sorts of Animals (#808725)
Episode 4: Great Canadian Wonders (#808726)
Episode 5: Fit and Fun (#808727)
Episode 6: Great Times in All Kinds of Weather (#808728)
Episode 7: Creatures, Creations, and Conservation (#808729)
Episode 8: A Few of My Favorite Things (#808730)
Episode 9: A Day in My Life (#808731)
Episode 10: Let's Get Cookin' (#808732)
Episode 11: Sharing Multicultural Traditions (#808733)
Episode 12: At the Farm (#808734)
Episode 13: Putting on a Show (#808735)