A&E Videos Downloaded/Streamed from Learn 360

A&E Television videos are available for streaming and download on Learn 360, http://www.learn360.com. As of January 9, 2012, the A&E videos will be available for download using Windows Media only. Users can only download A&E videos in Windows Media Format. For teachers to stream and/or download these videos, installation of the Microsoft Silverlight Player and Plug-in will be required at each desktop computer.

Administrative Next Steps:

As an Administrator, you can set up installation of the Silverlight Player & Plug-in for all of your users by clicking http://www.learn360.com/silverlight-install.aspx and following the instructions.

Desktop Computer Next Steps:

When a user wants to stream an A&E video, a message will appear in the video player asking them to install the Microsoft Silverlight Plug-In. If the user is authorized to install, they can complete the task. If they are not, they will be directed to contact their local Administrator.

In order for a user to download an A&E video, the Microsoft Silverlight Plug-In MUST be installed first. Once installed, the user will refresh the page and an "Install Player" button will appear below the video player; this button must be clicked to complete the installation. The user can then click the "Download" button and save the video to their computer.

The user can now view the A&E video on their computer by clicking the up-arrow in the lower right corner of the video player, browsing the menu for the video and clicking the "Open" button.

Desktop Computer Self-Installation:
If teachers will be required to install the Player & Plug-in themselves, please ensure their download/installation rights are sufficient enough to allow for self-installation and provide them with this link, http://www.learn360.com/silverlight-install-administrators.aspx
It will direct them to a page on Learn360 containing comprehensive instructions based upon their Operating System (Mac or PC/Windows).

Remember, this is just for the A&E videos on Learn 360.