CultureGrams, K-12
Learn about people around the world and what their lives are like. Find customs, maps, songs, recipes, and interviews with kids. There is even information about the states. Students can compare country data side by side. View tutorials at

• Build a graph or table that compares data for countries such as literacy, life expectancy, population, Internet access, survival probability, and caloric consumption. Examples:
• Obesity paper--include a graph comparing European countries caloric intake with the U.S.
• Econ--create a table comparing real GDP with population and life expectancy in African countries--what questions do the data bring to mind?
• Extremes--create a top 10 list of statistical extremes on more than 50 topics (most cell phones, most military spending)

Rituals of life: What is important or celebrated in a culture/society (birth, coming of age, marriage, death.) Go to Africa, click Egypt, and click the Life Cycle section.

Lifestyles: Find recipes, holidays, favorite foods, schools, games and sports.