Documentaries, K-12

Heartland AEA purchased some interesting DVD documentaries for the high school classroom to spark a guided discussion. The DVDs can be reserved online or call the Heartland library.

Oceans of Plastic #073688
This program asks what can be done to clean up the plastic wastes that are polluting the oceans and what the long-term impact will be.

Malls R Us #810251
This program examines the enclosed shopping center and how they function as a communal, even ceremonial experience and, for retailers and consumers. It discusses the psychological appeal of malls, how architects design their environments to combine consumerism with nature and spectacle, how suburban shopping centers impact social values, and how malls are transforming the traditional notions of community, social space and human interaction.

The Koran: the origins of the book #810252
This documentary explores the origins of the Koran, which according to Muslim tradition, has remained static and unchanged since its revelation to the prophet Mohammed between 610 and 632 CE in Mecca and Medina. Recent discoveries of Koranic manuscripts analyzed by scientists indicate that the Koran would appear to have a more complicated history.

Home across lands #810266
This documentary shares the story of a small group of Kunama refugees that have been given the opportunity for resettlement, and how they re-establish their sense of community in America.

Bloodlines #810257
This documentary reveals how biotechnologies are raising ethical, legal and social dilemmas as science intersects with the law.