Dipity Timeline, K-12

This Web sites makes it easy to create and share interactive timelines about any topic. Students can embed You Tube videos, Twitter, RSS feeds, Blogger, Flickr, Picasa, Last FM, and more right into their timelines. Dipity makes timelines relevant and fun for students and best of all, students are creating timelines integrating the tools they are familiar and comfortable using. There are plenty of samples to check out to see how truly superior these timelines are to the traditional paper/pencil timeline!

Dipity is a great tool for creating a timeline for any subject in your classroom. Students can bring history to life by embedding relevant You Tube video into their timelines. Create a timeline of your day by combining Dipity with your classroom tweets from Twitter. Timelines can be created by students individually or as a class and posted on a class Web site as a study resource.

Students can look at the content they add to Dipity in four different views: Timeline, List View, Flipboook, and Map View (this only works if the timeline has been tagged with locations.)