Animal Bytes, PreK-12
Produced by the San Diego Zoo. It includes animal facts, photos, webcams, video and audio files, and teacher resources. The site features information and multimedia files on amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects that will support students’ reading, writing, and science skills. The animal records include quick facts (class, order, family, genera, species, etc.), fun facts, articles, photos, sounds, videos, iZoofari Chats (interviews with zoo workers), and more. Students and teachers can also find descriptions of animal classifications, habitats and ecosystems, and where animals are found geographically including interactive maps and blogs. The texts include hyperlinks to the Zoo Glossary. Teachers will want to click on the “Education” link at the top of the page and scroll down to find the link to curricular materials such as Wildlife Wizards, Butterflies, and the Lifestyle of the Komodo Dragon, and classroom activities that cover a variety of topics. All materials include a suggested grade level. Many of the pages can be translated into a number of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Italian.